Floating Pontoon Jetty

Floating Pontoons & Jetties


Ultimate Docking Systems provide a range of options for commercial marine applications using the modular floating system providing a cost effective alternative that can be configured to suit your requirements.


Modular docks can be made up in multiple configurations fully customised for your fleet of hire boats or jet skis that can be easily extended to as your business needs grow.


Floating platforms can be set up for your on water work site with optional hand rails, fenders and bollards to be able to easily secure floating pontoons to the site. Once the work is complete the system can be easily moved or dis-assembled & packed away for your next commercial project.


Our floating wharfs and jetties can be made to any length or change in direction connected to your fixed or floating platform and work well in tidal areas where access is still required across mud flats or other obstacles. Or easy access to your ponds for water testing without the need for a boat.


On water displays are great on the floating modular system for your event and can be packed away or transported to the next location.


Talk to our helpful staff to work with you on your next successful marine project.

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