Jet Ski Modular Docking Systems

Our Modular Docking Systems is made up to suit your exact requirements.

It suits any size Personal Watercraft, Jet Ski, SeaDoo, Wave Runner or PWC.

The Modular Docking System also works for multiple vessels docked together. Extensions are available to accommodate any changing needs.

The modular Docking system can be easily reconfigured as your boating needs change or if you wish to add another watercraft to your dock. We can even create a floating walkway to your dock with the modular system. The non-skid surface works to prevent falls and injuries when walking on or exiting your watercraft. Our floating docks are designed with your safety and usability in mind.

Multiple Jet Ski’s – no problem.

Dock your boat & your Jet Ski together – no problem

The most common size for a Jet Ski is 4.0m x 2.0m giving you great access around your watercraft for flushing, washing down and placing a cover on your PWC. We can offer the narrower version for those tighter areas around your pontoon or the longer version for the latest larger watercraft on the market.

Make the most of that area between your pontoon and house by installing a floating dock.

Maintenance free. Hassle free

Driving onto your floating dock.

Dock your ski like a pro. Simply ease up to the dock and when your ski is resting its nose on the dock, give a short burst of throttle to get yourself up onto the dock to be flushed and washed down ready for next time.

The Modular Docking System offers Easy access for more fun and time on the water without the boat ramp hassles.

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