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Accessories & Maintenance Service

Are you are having difficulty launching or retrieving your boat? Talk to Us.

We specialise in solutions.

Need Maintenance on your Dock? 

We offer a comprehensive service & can offer service and solutions.


We carry a broad range of winches from

500 kgs manual hand winches right through to a series of solar powered remote-controlled electric winches up to 9 tonne which allow you to launch & retrieve your boat whilst aboard with the press of a button.

These make launching & retrieving any boat a breeze.

We stock a range of accessories for all your docking needs.

Rope hatches, fenders, rails, slides, batteries, roofs, pontoon brackets, poles for fixed jetties... you name it, we have it!

Everything you need for your modular dock.

Ultimate Docking Systems.

We have the solutions.

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