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We custom design for ultimate ease of use

Pontoon Boats BBQ Boats

We will design and tailor make a system to suit your exact requirements.

The modular system can be custom-made to your requirements for all Pontoon / BBQ Boats up to 8 meters.

We also carry a full range of remote-controlled, solar-powered electric winch systems to make getting your boat in & out of the water a breeze.

The modular system also works in storing multiple vessels together.

At Ultimate Docking Systems we can make your BBQ /Pontoon Boat fit the modular system.

As there are generally two slides on a Pontoon/ BBQ boat there is often increased friction on launch & retrieval. We reduce the friction with a range of solutions including the use of high-density polyethylene slides where required.


Other winches available range from hand wind 500 kgs up to 9-tonne electric.

At Ultimate Docking Systems we specialise in solutions.

Come in today & view our range. 


Steve. H

"Great product, Great service, Professional, friendly and honest people!  After much research I chose Ultimate Docking Systems for my new Pontoon Boat. Could not be happier, docks and launches with ease, great for working on my boat on the water and stops electrolysis. Genuine and reliable customer service. Highly Recommend."

Gavin. M

"Nothing is too much trouble for these guys. Professional, courteous and they take pride in their product and their work. Can’t ask for more than that!"

Gary. A 

"Angelo, the owner was very good to deal with and his prices are very competitive. I gave Angelo the details of my boat and he was then able to specify exactly what I needed to support my boat. I was able to inspect the product before I bought it and it appears to be well made and very robust. Two of his crew delivered it on the appointed day and installed it with a minimum of fuss. More than happy."

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