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Pontoon Boats BBQ Boats

At Ultimate Docking Systems we specialise in docks for BBQ /Pontoon Boats.

We will design and tailor make a system to suit your exact requirements.

The modular system can be custom made to your requirements for all Pontoon / BBQ Boats up to 8 metres.

We also carry a full range of remote controlled, solar powered electric winch systems to make getting your boat in & out of the water a breeze.

The modular system also works in storing multiple vessels together.

At Ultimate Docking Systems we can make your BBQ /Pontoon Boat fit the modular system.

As there are generally two slides on a Pontoon/ BBQ boat there is often increased friction on launch & retrieval. We reduce the friction with a range of solutions including the use of high-density polyethylene slides where required.


Other winches available range from hand wind 500 kgs up to 9 tonne electric.

At Ultimate Docking Systems we specialise in solutions.


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