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The Ultimate Jet Ski Lift


  • No more pushing your PWC off the dock

  • No more flat batteries

  • Launch & Retrieve at the push of a button

  • No more hull damage

  • Safe easy access for cleaning flushing and maintenance

  • Crafted for the easier maintenance and longevity  of personal watercraft


The Ultimate Jet Ski Lift is leading the world with innovation on how we launch and retrieve our personal watercraft.


No PWC or Jet Ski lift on the market today can deliver the benefits of an Ultimate Jet Ski Lift.

Enjoy the safety and convenience of the Ultimate Jet Ski Lift.

Launch your Watercraft with the push of a button. The Ultimate Jet Ski Lift is state of the art in design material and quality.


It solves all the problems associated with boarding, launching and dry-docking your PWC.


It is a combination of quality marine grade aluminium with integrated anodes and high grade Polyethylene. The ancillary fittings are Stainless Steel ensuring a long trouble free life and reducing the cost of replacement due to failure or corrosion.


The floating Jet Ski Lift pontoon is constructed from high grade Polyethylene giving it unsurpassed buoyancy and stability. It is virtually unsinkable.

The fully independent 12V system is charged by the solar panel located at the front of the unit that is also set up to “trickle charge your Jet Ski battery” so it is always ready for you to enjoy.


Your Jet Ski stores clear of the water with no waves washing into the parts of your ski from passing boat traffic.

Built to be durable, these pontoon lifts will last and last, even with heavy use and harsh weather conditions.

Keeping your watercraft high and dry has never been so easy.

Simple and safe to use.

Using only quality components, the Ultimate Jet Ski Lift will look stylish on your waterfront property and make jet skiing so much easier for anyone

It really is the Ultimate floating jet ski dock.

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